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Working Groups Working group 1 - Strategic Planning and InvestmentsWG 1 Investment Planning

The activities under this sub-group are focused on continuous improvement of the investment projects planning and financing through streamlining activities in countries, achieving better environment in the region and assisting countries in their accession related tasks.

Sub-group tasks are implemented in close cooperation between the project and beneficiary countries through three major activity blocs:

1. Institutional cooperation and project identification capacity building

  • Identification of institutions responsible for environmental projects development and financing in each country.
  • Establishing a forum to discuss and exchange information between institutions within and between countries.
  • Identification and development of proposals for closing gaps regarding environmental projects identification.
  • Advice on sectoral or directive specific check lists for identification of the investment demands in relation to the implementation of the EU requirements.
  • Establishing working procedures for information exchange inside the beneficiary countries.

2. Environmental investment planning

  • Revision and update of the latest list developed by the PEIP project (as per the latest list published at and adding the list for Turkey).
  • Identification of national documents which contain/will contain investment projects lists.
  • Development and maintaining environmental investment projects lists.
  • Defining Investment plans format.
  • Prioritisation of projects in accordance with the PEIP criteria .
  • Assessment of projects with regard to their regional impacts.

3. Environmental financing

  • Identification of national and international environmental financing sources.
  • Agreeing with countries in the region regarding format of the Financing Plans.
  • Organising workshops regarding Environmental Financing Plans development in each country.
  • Promoting environmental investment projects among donor community.
  • Exchange of practice on development of Financing Plans in the region.