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Working Groups Working Group 4 - Environmental Compliance and Enforcement Network for Accession 

The first international environmental inspection and enforcement network that specifically covered the Balkans area was BERCEN that was implemented in 2001. In 2005, BERCEN was replaced by ECENA. Over the years ECENA has developed considerably and the network activities closely mirror the activities developed and implemented by the EU IMPEL network. ECENA intensively uses products that were developed under IMPEL, as well as reports and manuals developed under other networks such as International Network for Environmental Compliance and Enforcement - INECE and Regulatory Environmental Programme Implementation Network - REPIN. Until the establishment of RENA and becoming essential part of RENA as its Working Group 4, ECENA was supported by an independent secretariat. For more information on the activities and results achieved until April 2010, please visit the archived version of the ECENA website.

The overall goal of Working Group 4 (WG 4) is to improve the ability of ECENA member countries to implement and enforce the EC environmental legislation by increasing the effectiveness of inspectorate bodies and promoting compliance with environmental requirements. The key result of this WG will be further streamlining of working methods and implementation of best practice all over the region moving towards the EU standards.

The result and objectives of this WG will be achieved through the implementation of the following activities:
  • Activity 4.1 Capacity building regarding compliance with environmental legislation through better understanding of issues and identification of targeted solutions (training of inspectors and permit writers including common inspections on site visits)
  • Activity 4.2 Country external assessments
  • Activity 4.3 EU ETS Compliance
  • Activity 4.4 TFS
  • Activity 4.5 Inspection and enforcement in Cross Border Nature Protection Areas
  • Activity 4.6 Participation in relevant networking activities, including IMPEL and other sister networks